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The Best Nightwish Cover Ever

Was having trouble sleeping when this here thing made my night:

Weedly deedly deedly deedly deedly deedly DOM DOM DOM

A capella covers are fantabulous, especially when dealing with the most overblown Dragonlance reference I've ever heard. Also features kazoo noises!
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Holding Pattern

My parents will be visiting this weekend! I'm pretty happy about that, even if prepping for the weekend after that is straining my nerves. sothacid is also feeling a little better after a less than amazing morning. Thank goodness.

So today is National Coming Out Day, so here is a thing to read. Of special note is the sermon by Eric Folkerth linked at the bottom; it's half an hour long (this is, after all, an actual sermon from an actual service) but is very worth a listen. To generally Jesus-allergic persons, don't worry, this one's all about loving and accepting others instead of rolling around in snippets from Leviticus.

Excerpt: "When you ask young people, 'What words describe the Church to you?', one of the words they pick out is 'homophobic.' That tells something to you!"

In other news, I've been hell of absent from Lament (and pretty much any sort of messaging access) as of late. I want to amend this once things calm down some, 'cause I miss talking with you guys. Sorry we worried you, nornagest.

LAST-MINUTE EDIT: sothacid, in his usual somewhat glum voice, spake thus: "I have an important secret to tell you." Turning around in my chair and bracing for the worst, I see that he has affixed a circular metallic envelope seal to his forehead. "I'm actually an Exalted."

Never pegged him for a Night caste, really.
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Dogs to Stay

While it has no doubt shown up on the Internet elsewhere (for Pete's sake, I found the link on one of many forums I read despite not actually being a member of), I absolutely adore a simple webcam known as Dogs to Stay, which is chronicling the growth and development of a litter of three (originally five) Finnish Lapphund puppies. There's a link to the breeder's website in the cam description, as it is one of many hosted cams on the oddly-named site (many of which point at strangers' depressing living spaces), and the puppy parents were apparently tested for things like bad eyesight and hip dysplasia, which is pretty responsible as far as show dogs go, I reckon.

The camera quality is sharp enough but doesn't refresh very consistently, so occasionally the pups will teleport around their pen. If there is sound it's either deactivated by default or too quiet for my iMac to pick up, but it doesn't really seem necessary. There are puppies, and they live in the UK, and sometimes you see their mama dog lying nearby or feeding them.

Right now their potty paper features a huge Daily Express headline which reads "HE SHOULD HAVE DIED IN PRISON."

This is the closest thing I'll have to enjoying a flesh and blood pet for quite a while, so it's a welcome diversion.
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Not Dead

Just haven't been writing much as of late.

I'd draw something and scan it but A) the Mac has a tummyache and is going to the shop tomorrow and B) the scanner part of the scanner/printer's up and died, anyway.

In a bit I will probably go watch sothacid play some Final Fantasy II on the SNES we got hooked up in the bedroom, in which absolutely everyone has been renamed "Golbez" (save for Rosa, who is now "Beany" for reasons which I hope are obvious).

I should probably also note that the aforementioned and I have been married for over two years. It feels weird.
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And Back

So sothacid and I are back from visiting my parents. The trip was wonderfully relaxing, and I came home with a head full of ideas (mostly for Lament, but not all of them) and a chipper disposition (and also took my first ever ride in a taxi on the way home, because nuts to lugging around three full suitcases and a pair of backpacks over a half-to-full-dozen blocks). My parents are doing great--especially my dad, who's lost 70+ pounds, quite visible to anyone who saw/met him at the wedding--and enjoyed learning to play Arkham Horror. When we got back to Reno, most of the snow had, melted, too!

All this and we're back early enough to hit up the D&D thingy our campus club is hosting tomorrow. Piotra will bite all the mans!

Good trip, yo.
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A Brief and Curious Event

This morning I awoke to three e-mails in my box which assumed I was someone named "Lee" based out of Greensboro, NC. They wanted me to join the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. I politely mailed back and noted that they would want to verify the address used, since if it's going to my box it sure ain't goin' to whomever signed up for their thingy.

The person who wrote me back was very polite and appreciative, although they wanted to know about my business. Since 1) I live on the opposite side of the country from the city of my birth and 2) I'm stuck in frickin' retail, it was kind of a weird question.

I guess that's better than the time someone kept sending me architecture specs. Wonder if it's the same guy they were trying to talk to (WRITE YOUR ADDRESS MORE CLEARLY, DOOFUS).
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Writing Exercise: Gruderian Prayers

A set of prayers native to the Holy Order of Saint McGruder, AKA the Umerim Order that Pip's a member of (there's quite a few in the Umerim faith, considering how many saints they have floating around, but the Knights Ricardus, Mysterians, and Ladies of the Feather are the only ones who've been named yet, and I have no idea what the LoF even do). For the uninitiated, or those who simply can't keep up with the mountains of worldbuilding sothacid and I churn out each week, the Gruderians are teachers, protectors, and undead hunters who are famous for developing their own martial art. The Gruderians are also responsible for running the Inquisition, which exists to try and determine the difference between a valid splinter group and a bunch of dangerous cultist crazies, and is also responsible for punching people in the berries if they try to use Umerim doctrine for decidedly uncool purposes. They do, indeed, kick ass for the Lord.

Umerimaiy itself is sort of like Deist Christianity and sort of like Santeria and sort of a lot of things; it's a monotheistic faith with a possession-by-otherworldly-divine-beings bent that's generally pretty easygoing and interested in making the world a better place, but still has tons of weird religious paraphernalia. UMER is viewed as a loving parent who pushed the Big Bang button and has been watching all the different sentient species work their way up from unicellular creatures, though is often too busy trying to fix bugs in the universe to be able to directly intervene. Ever wondered how to transpose the concept of "created in God's image" when your fictional world has dozens of sentient species? I have, and that's why I can remember the history of multiple imaginary religious figures (you in the back, I heard that) and not where I left my car keys.

So without further ado, here's some stuff I wrote, in all its unedited glory.

Invocation of Righteous Wrath

Lord who is God, whom we call UMER with our worldly throats, I say to You that I must do the Work with great rage this day. Do not protect me from my anger, O God, but aid me in enduring it; I must master fury so that I have the strength to destroy and correct, but I must strive to never drown in my wrath. Let me burn when I must burn and remain cold when I must remain cold. I need no protection from my anger, but grant me the wisdom to know when I am forgetting the nature of joy, for my efforts are naught but impotent flailing if I cannot delight in the world which You have given Your children.

Invocation of Studious Mind

Lord who is God, whom we call UMER with our worldly throats, I say to You that I must do the Work with clear thoughts this day. Do not protect me from my doubt, O God, but aid me in understanding it; I must be cautious and skeptical to excise mistruths from the world, but I must strive to never become entirely blinded by disbelief. Let me study when I must study and be still when I must be still. I need no protection from my doubt, but grant me the wisdom to know when I am forgetting the nature of joy, for my efforts are naught but impotent flailing if I cannot delight in the world which You have given Your children.

Greater Prayer of Saint McGruder

UMER, my Lord God, creator of the heavens and the earth and all that lies above and below and within and without them, I beseech You hear my requests for guidance: guide my hand that I may pull away obstructions, guide my tongue that it may speak only truths, guide my thoughts that I may know and remember, and guide my heart that I remember to delight in the Work. As You are the teacher of the stars and the stones, allow me to teach Your children more of the world which we were granted in the moment of Creation. Let me bring to the world wonder at Your works in their infinite mystery, and wonder at the works of Your children in their fathomless complexity, and wonder at the ways that both are so very like one another. Let me clean the earth of those who should rest but do not, for they are either trapped and in need of succor or seeking to cause harm to Your children; give me the strength to lay them to rest once more. Mine is a heavy burden of knowledge and vigilance, O God, and my back bends nearly double, but I know none labor as tirelessly as You. Grant me the will to be like You in thought and deed. Grant me the love to continue the Work. Show me my flaws that I might correct them, for though no one soul is perfect, it is right to strive to be as God.

Lesser Prayer of Saint McGruder

O God, keep me from killing these idiots before I’m done teaching them.*

* No, really, the Lesser Prayer is actually in their prayerbooks. Saint Chester McGruder was kind of irritable at times, even after being martyred.

Finally, a lovely quote from drinky_lemur on how skepticism can encourage folks to be better people: "The value of anything measured against an infinity of nothing is priceless."
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I Drew a Unicorn Playing Badminton

And here he is:


One of these days I'll learn not to have lots of little hair tufties on anything I plan to mask out and digitalize. One of these days.

I was also planning on giving him an additional sweatband on his tail, but completely forgot about it before I signed the pencilwork. As I have a little rule for myself that the only thing I can do to signed work is A) digitally edit it or B) erase stray pencil, it'll have to wait for another day.

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Doodles from D&D

This is what it says on the tin: pencil drawings I did last week during two different Dungeons and Dragons sessions (two different editions, even, and nuts to the haters of either). They are a little bit big so behind a cut with them!
Collapse )

Both pictures have gray/blurry sections near the left side because a Levels layer can only do so much for scanning from a spiral-bound sketchbook, and since we're dealing with pencils I can't just go nuts with the white point and midtones. Darnit!

Still to be drawn are my Changeling character and the chieftain of my Mordheim warband, who may or may not be wearing a beer hat.
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Game On!

Last week sothacid and I went to a little pocket-sized convention on campus name of Shadows. While there was a lot of eye-rolling stuff there (ever seen an entire room of people do the Carameldansen thing at the same time? it's pretty freakin' creepy), we met the folks in the local game club, which has been scrabbling around trying to combine with the local chapter of the Camarilla (yes, the LARP thing) in the name of better numbers for funding, plus trying to get more people into the hobby. Sort of a Future DMs of America thing.

I've now probably got three different games a week set up (D&D 3.5, maaaybe D&D 4e, and Changeling: the Lost which I have wanted to tabletop so bad). We've made some cool new friends, are actually getting out of the house, and are scratching a pen-and-paper itch we've had for months. sothacid might even get to run that Paranoia game he's wanted to later on!

Expect to hear way too much about my characters in the future.

We were actually plotting how best to host games in our apartment, from setting up a smokers' deck to getting places for everyone to sit to cooking burgers on the grill.

This makes having to get a tow on my way to work Friday morning practically trivial in comparison! I'm adapting surprisingly well to waking up at 6:45 and working through noon (and did pretty decently aside from one horribly busy day in which I kind of wanted to hide in the bathroom and cry a little). I'll now work about 27.5 hours a week, give or take a few due to scheduling, and will actually be making enough cash to cover the rent again. We still have savings in the bank and a certain someone has been scraping together resources for his SMART paperwork, so things are looking up.