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Hate's Iron Heart

A happy place of sunshine and rainbows and puppies and snuggles!

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15 September
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Bitter, hateful, and critical to the extreme, albeit surprisingly good-natured. I don't have time for half-assery.
aliens, anatomy, androids, angels, animals, animation, anime, archery, astrology, astronomy, aubrey beardsley, bagpipes, ballroom dancing, basil poledouris, batman, black, black watch plaid, books, braids, call of cthulhu, calvin and hobbes, cartooning, cartoons, catfish, character design, chocolate, city of heroes, city of villains, city of whatever, classical music, clockwork, cola, comic books, computers, cryptozoology, cybernetics, cyborgs, d20, dark sun, dead can dance, demons, dinosaurs, disney movies, dragonforce, dragons, drawing, dungeons and dragons, dvds, enya, exalted, fallout, fish, flannel, flintlocks, flogging molly, folksy music, game design, gauntlet, geology, glasses, gloriaster, gore, graphic design, guilty gear, gunbound, hearts of space, heavy metal, hibiscus flowers, history, horror, ice cream, koi, legend of zelda, linguistics, little nemo, live, magic, manta rays, martial arts, metallica, monsters, movies, mu*s, mythology, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nightwish, nippon ichi, opera, paranoia, pen and ink, pencils, pickup trucks, pirates, planescape, poetry, polynesia, preacher, programming, proofreading, rampage, rc cola, reading, recreational transhumanism, robots, rock and roll, rockabilly, role playing games, root beer, sandman, sapphires, sidereals, sketching, snakes, sonata arctica, soundtracks, special effects, speed metal, spelunking, spooky stuff, star wars, steampunk, steel-toed boots, stickers, stuffed animals, superheroes, swamp thing, swimming, symphonic metal, talking animals, tarot cards, technology, terry pratchett, the wild west, therion, toys, trains, trans-siberian orchestra, ursula vernon, varkhilm, vgm, victoriana, video games, watchmen, were-thingies, white wolf, words, worldbuilding, writing, wuxia

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